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Key Features         

Advanced optimization

Flex GIF Animator has advanced options to optimize for target file size or compression ratio, Before-and-after animated previews, display real-time optimized results,  flexible palette options for full control over colors ,total  scale of  animation.

Flexible Editor

Supports double animation edit mode: Timeline ( keyframe ) , frame edit, double image edit mode:  true-color object-based vector graphics and pixel-based editing with selection, paint brush tools . support  add shadow, around edge and 3-D edge to vector graphic , There is support for Transparency color and support curvering the  motion path of object.

Make Trick Banners 

Supports create "trick banners"(animated GIFs with simulated windows controls),Trick banners generally have the highest click-through rate. more about trick banners...

Real  time 3D effects

supports a variety of awesome special effects, include Form based effect ( such as deform, flag, wave,  spray light, scroll,particle etc) and image based effect, These are two types of effects that can be used simultaneously with one object.  particle system with ten predefined. built-in  morpher animation maker .See also Paticle System,Deform and morpher

Flexible Output

Exports to a wide variety of file formats including GIF, AVI, EXE, Flash and single frame image (  JPG,  TGA, BMP, GIF) files.

Screen capture 

Capture the desktop, window and region of the desktop,  especially it can record the change of the window or  region of the desktop.See also Screen Capture

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