Flex GIF Animator Tutorial
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1 Overview
Flex GIF Animator is the only program you need to create great looking animations. Whether you are creating animations for the Web, presentations, and multimedia files or simply just want to impress your friends, Flex GIF Animator provides you with all the necessary tools. 
The Object Tweening function in Flex GIF Animator helps generate the animation for you. Timeline Editer and Frame Editer is designed for you to create animation. With just a series of clicks your animation is done, it does not get easier than that. 
The multitude of editing tools such as the Vector based drawing tools and Paintbrush, Eyedropper, Fill, and Selection etc pixel based tools gives you the ability to further edit and enhance your images.
There are two types of effects: form based effect and pixel based effect that you can use for your animations to make them more interesting and unique. 
These are only a few things you can expect in Flex GIF Animator. With an impressive array of editing, enhancement, and animation options, there's no need to look further than Flex GIF Animator for your animation needs.
2 Minimum System Requirements for Flex GIF Animator 
Windows 2000/XP/NT ,1024 X 768 32 bit resolution screen needed
3 Directory
  3.1 Animation
       3.1.1 Optimization
       3.1.2  Dynamic Attributes
 3.2. Work with Flex GIF Animator
      3.2.1 Create Graphics Object
      3.2.2 Paint
      3.2.3 Simulate Control Maker
      3.2.4 Create Graphics Object
      3.2.5 Screen Capture
      3.2.6 Frame Edit
      3.2.7 Timeline
      3.2.8 Former FX
      3.2.9 Image FX 
      3.2.10 Render 
 3.3. Program Reference
      3.3.1 Tool
    Select Tool
    Image Tool
    Movie Tool
    Text Tool
    Rectangle Tool
    Ellipse Tool
    Curve Tool
   Freehand Curve Tool
    Freehand Shape Tool
    Paint Brush Tool
    Paint Rectangle Select Tool
    Paint Ellipse Select Tool
    Paint Lasso Tool
    Paint Curve Select Tool
    Paint  Fill Tool
    Paint  EyeDropper  Tool
    Frame Size Set Tool
    Paint Magic Wood Tool
    Paint Eraser Tool
    Paint blur Tool
    Form FX Tool
    Image FX Tool
    Mask Tool
    Move map Tool
    Zoom in Tool
    Convert to Paint Object Tool
    Group\UnGroup Tool
    Simulate Control Tool
      3.3.2 Main Window
    Color Palette
    Tool Panel
    My Favorable Decorate
      3.3.3 System Setup
      4.1 Registration benefit 
      4.2 How to Order
      4.3 License Agreement
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